Updated Jul 7, 2018

The big picture: #MeToo has exposed hundreds of high-profile people

A young woman holds a sign that reads, "Stay Angry."

2018 Women's March. Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

More than 400 high-profile executives and employees from across the professional spectrum have been brought down by the #MeToo movement in the last 18 months, Bloomberg reports.

The big picture: While #MeToo isn't dominating headlines the way it was last year, the movement has still been at work behind the scenes. Davia Temin, whose firm Temin & Co. conducted the study cited by Bloomberg, said that while the accusation rate "has been slowing ... the percentage of people being fired has increased."

By the numbers, per Bloomberg:

  • 410 of the 417 high-profile figures are men. (The study defines "high-profile" as those "with at least seven separate, national mentions," including celebrities like Bill Cosby, or more common, CEOs and business leaders.)
  • 193 of them have been fired or left their jobs.
  • 122 have been suspended, put on leave, or are being investigated.
  • Around 69 haven't faced repercussions.
  • 8 were in consensual relationships.
"The eagle eyes are out for this. Women understand a little better their collective power, and they're using it."
ā€” Temin, to Bloomberg

What's next: The #MeToo movement is far from over.

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