Jun 19, 2018

T-Mobile and Sprint ask for merger approval

A T-Mobile and Sprint store next to each other

If T-Mobile and Sprint are allowed to merge it will reduce the number of major wireless carriers. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

T-Mobile and Sprint have formally asked the Federal Communications Commission to approve their proposed merger, according to documents filed Monday and posted Tuesday by the agency.

Why it matters: The deal would be the latest consolidation in the telecom industry — where AT&T just acquired Time Warner — and take the number of major national wireless carriers from four to three.

What they're saying: In their filing, the companies said that the deal would "generate substantial public interest benefits for the customers of T-Mobile and Sprint and for U.S. wireless customers as a whole, and do not give rise to any competitive harms."

  • "The merger unlocks the door to new broadband choices and capabilities for consumers across the country while accelerating the arrival of transformative 5G services that will produce innovation, jobs, and economic growth for our country," the companies said.
  • An FCC spokesperson declined to comment on the filing.

The bigger picture: At the FCC, T-Mobile and Sprint have to prove that the deal is in the public interest. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice is also probing the deal for antitrust concerns and declined to comment.

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