Jun 7, 2018

FCC looks to boost 5G networks

A neon sign at a conference reads "On The Road To 5G"

The industry has promised an ultra-fast fifth generation of wireless technology. Photo: Manuel Blondeau/AOP Press/Corbis via Getty Images

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday moved forward with a set of measures aimed at helping carriers expand super-fast fifth generation (5G) wireless networks.

Why it matters: The agency is trying to meet demand for wireless spectrum for 5G networks, driven by industry players with significant influence in Washington.

The details: One proposal, approved at the agency's monthly open meeting, sets rules for the flexible use of a key set of airwaves.

  • The agency also decided to formally consider opening up other parts of the wireless spectrum.

What's next, per Bloomberg's Todd Shields: "The action [on setting rules for the flexible use of the 24 GHz band of wireless spectrum] should lead to an early 2019 auction that could fetch $3.2 billion, according to a note Thursday from Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Kanterman."

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