Updated Jun 2, 2018

Spain's new prime minister faces first challenge: Catalonian secession

Pedro Sanchez. Photo: OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP/Getty Images

Spain's new prime minister is already facing a major issue just hours after being sworn in Saturday: finding a solution to the Catalan secession crisis. Catalan chief Quim Torra immediately requested to meet saying, "Pedro Sanchez, let us talk, take risks, both you and I, let us sit down at a table and talk, government to government," per the Associated Press.

The intrigue: Sanchez had made a promise to keep talks open with the Catalonian leader "in order to get the votes he needed from the Catalan pro-secession lawmakers in the national parliament." But, he doubled down on his premise that "any solutions for Catalonia must fit within the constitutional framework." [Flashback: Spain’s prime minister is basically toast.]

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