May 31, 2018

Spain’s prime minister is basically toast

Former Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy talks with his successor, Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez and Mariano Rajoy talk during a meeting in Madrid. Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy is on the verge of being forced out of power as a no confidence motion presented by the Socialist Party has the votes needed to topple his government. Pedro Sanchez, leader of the socialists, would be the next prime minister until new elections take place.

Go deeper: Rajoy, from the center-right Partido Popular party, took office in 2011 after the worst financial crisis in the country's recent history. His party has been rocked by several corruption cases that have eroded its popular support, even as the economy has improved steadily. The Socialists' motion won the backing of separatists and far-left groups, but it remains to be seen if that support will be enough to maintain a stable government without fresh elections.

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