May 19, 2018

Go deeper: The victims of the Santa Fe shooting

A makeshift memorial sits at Santa Fe High School

A makeshift memorial sits at Santa Fe High School. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Ten people were killed on Friday morning in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday.

Who were they, per BuzzFeed: A "beloved" substitute teacher, a foreign exchange student from Pakistan, a "nice, outgoing" 17-year-old who played center on the football team, more.

Some of the victims, from BuzzFeed:

  • Angelique Ramirez, student: She was described by her sister as "so outgoing, so precious, kind, beautiful, smart."
  • Cynthia Tisdale, substitute teacher: Her brother-in-law wrote on Facebook: "Cynthia planned on one day retiring and being a full-time grandmother. It will never happen."
  • Shana Fisher, student.
  • Kimberly Jessica Vaughan, student: Her mother wrote on Facebook: "We need GUN CONTROL. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS."
  • Sabika Sheikh, student: Sheikh was an exchange student from Pakistan. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement: "Sabika’s death and that of the other victims is heartbreaking and will be mourned deeply."
  • Ann Perkins, substitute teacher: She is remembered as "a beloved teacher, family friend, & woman. ... She lived an impeccable life filled with traveling, love, family, & a bit of champagne."
  • Chris Stone, student: A long-time friend of Stone's told BuzzFeed that "[e]verybody loved him. There's nothing bad you can say about Chris."
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