May 9, 2018

Pakistan's parliament approves landmark transgender rights bill

Pakistani transgender activists.

Pakistani transgender activists. Photo: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Pakistan's parliament passed legislation on Tuesday designed to protect the fundamental rights of transgender citizens, NPR reports.

The details: The new bill would protect transgender citizens from discrimination during medical treatment, confirm their right to run for office, require "Protection Centers and Safe Houses" set up by the government, and more. The bill is now moving to President Mamnoon Hussain's desk for his approval.

Quoted: Mehlab Jameel an activist in Lahore, Pakistan, who helped write the bill, told NPR...

"I heard about this yesterday morning and I was in a state of shock because I never thought something like this could happen within my own life in Pakistan. This kind of development is not only unprecedented in Pakistani history, but it's one of the most progressive laws in the whole world."
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