Updated May 3, 2018

The global cities with the most and least green space

A 1940 photo of Hampstead Heath in London, which is 33% public green space. Photo: William Vandivert/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Big cities around the world vary widely in terms of how big a role public parks and gardens play in their landscapes, according to data on 34 major global cities from the World Cities Culture Forum.

  • Highest % of public green space: Moscow (54%), Singapore (47%), Sydney (46%), Vienna (45.5%), Shenzhen (45%).
  • Lowest % of public green space: Dubai (2%), Istanbul (2.2%), Mumbai (2.5%), Shanghai (2.8%), Taipei (3.6%).
  • U.S. cities: New York (27%), Austin (15%), San Francisco (13.7%), Los Angeles (6.7%).
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