Apr 19, 2018

James Comey could “potentially” testify against Andrew McCabe

James Comey on CNN

Screenshot: CNN

Former FBI director James Comey told CNN's Jake Tapper Thursday that he feels "conflicted" about former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe's criminal referral:

"I like him very much as a person, but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn't do."
— James Comey


  • Comey said he could "well be a witness" against McCabe if he's prosecuted for "lacking candor" during former hearings.
  • On the DOJ releasing Comey memos to Congress: "Fine by me," he said. “I think what folks will see, if they get to see the memos, is that I’ve been consistent since the very beginning," he said.
  • Behind his decision to leak the memos: Comey said he lost confidence in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after learning he played a role in his firing. Note: The Comey memos sparked the appointment of a special counsel.
  • "I am responsible" for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's actions and poor judgement, he said.
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