Apr 12, 2018

Oklahoma teachers union calls for walk-out to end after nine days

Oklahoma teachers rally at the state capitol in Oklahoma City, demanding increase funding for public schools after years of budget cuts. Photo: J PAT CARTER / AFP / Getty Images

The head of Oklahoma’s largest teachers union has called for an end to a teacher walk-out that shut public schools statewide for nine days, saying that major gains in education funding have been secured.

The details: The outrage over lack of education funding, teacher pay and years of budget cuts forced thousands to hold a series of massive demonstrations at the Kentucky State Capitol. Union President Alicia Priest told reporters they received $479 million in funding for the next school year, but it falls short of  the $600 million educators were seeking. Priest said outrage and focus should now be on this year’s midterm and electing pro-education candidates to the state legislature currently controlled by Republicans.

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