Mar 9, 2018

The hotel industry will cover college tuition for its employees

A Wyndham hotel.

Wyndham at Santa Monica pier. Photo: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The American Hotel and Lodging Association will start paying for its employees' college education starting in March, reports CNN Money. The association's program will cover the full cost for online associate's degrees and will pay for online bachelor's degrees at a subsidized cost. There are already 10 hotel brands participating in the program, including Wyndham Hotels.

Why it matters: The hospitality industry is searching for ways to continue to recruit and develop employees. Data recorded in December 2017 shows that the industry had about 727,000 job openings available and currently has an unemployment rate of 6.8%. This new strategy could potentially open the door for new employees and increased retention rates in the industry.

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