Updated Feb 14, 2018

Venezuela's economic collapse causing unimaginable human suffering

Hunger in Venezuela has worsened.

Photo: Roman Camacho / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Venezuela's economic crisis is leading parents to abandon their children at orphanages because they can't provide for them or feed them, the Washington Post reports.

“You don’t know what it’s like to see your children go hungry,” a mother of three who left her children at a care center told the Post. “You have no idea. I feel like I’m responsible, like I’ve failed them. But I’ve tried everything. There is no work, and they just keep getting thinner."

The big picture: As Axios' Shane Savitsky catalogued in January, the crippling economic forces that have spurred protests against the Maduro regime are devastating the country. The crisis has led at least 550,000 Venezuelans to flee to Colombia. Meanwhile Maduro loyalists have called early elections for April, which the opposition says will be a sham.

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