Jan 22, 2018

Still no deal on government funding and CHIP

Chuck Schumer walks to a Senate podium

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The Senate is scheduled to vote at noon on a bill to reopen the federal government and, yes, fund the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Yes, but: There is no actual deal yet — just a plan to vote, while talks continue.

The bottom line, via The Washington Post:

  • "[I]t appeared unlikely that the proposal — which would link a three-week extension of government funding to the consideration of an immigration bill in the Senate — would be enough to quickly break the impasse without the support of top party leaders or President Trump, who showed no sign of backing off his hard line on immigration."

In the health care world, this means CHIP remains in limbo and, barring a breakthrough later today, half of the Health and Human Services Department's workforce will be told to stop doing their jobs.

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