Jan 3, 2018

Trump shuts down voter fraud commission

Trump speaks at the first meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in July. Photo: Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images

President Trump has released a statement announcing that he has shut down the commission he established earlier this year to investigate possible voter fraud. The commission was formed after Trump claimed, without evidence, that millions of fraudulent votes had cost him the popular vote. Numerous states had refused to cooperate with the commission, and cited concerns over voter suppression.

The statement: "Despite substantial evidence of voter fraud, many states have refused to provide the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity with basic information relevant to its inquiry. Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today I signed an executive order to dissolve the Commission, and have asked the Department of Homeland Security to review these issues and determine next courses of action."

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