Jan 4, 2018

The Iran protests, by the numbers

A protester under a flag of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images

  • Citizens saw a 40% increase in prices for basic goods, like eggs, in the lead up to the protests the NYT reports.
  • 26.7% of 15-24 year olds are unemployed, per BBC. Total unemployment sits at 12.4%, but is as high as 60% in some areas of Iran.
  • There have been 8 tweets from President Trump about the protests since they started.
  • More than 1,000 protestors have been arrested since December 28, per the Daily Beast.
  • "Tens of thousands" of Iranians are participating, Vox reports.
  • Around 41% of homes in Iran have at least one smartphone, per BBC; social media has played a big role in spreading word of the protests.
  • More than 25 cities have seen demonstrations, per the LA Times.
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