Jan 4, 2018

Bannon blows himself up

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Steve Bannon has never had a day like it.

The big picture: Over the past 24 hours we've seen a political self-immolation the likes of which are rarely seen:

  1. Trump publicly disowned him; saying on the record that Bannon was a delusional glory hound who, in his White House days, had just one talent: leaking.
  2. Bannon may soon face a costly lawsuit after Trump's lawyers threatened action last night.
  3. The main funders of Breitbart and of Bannon's political activities — the billionaire Mercer family — are distancing themselves from Bannon, The Washington Post is reporting.
  4. Many Breitbart commentators turned on Bannon yesterday — a development that Don Junior gleefully highlighted on Twitter.
  5. Some of Bannon's supporters were exasperated with him yesterday and wished he would've issued a statement distancing himself from Wolff's book. We saw no such statement.

Between the lines: When Bannon is up against the wall he doubles down — same as Trump. Associates say he's unfazed and unapologetic.

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