Sep 19, 2017

Mexico City earthquake, in photos

People briefly celebrate after rescuing two people from a building that collapsed. Photo: AP / Rebecca Blackwell

Mexico City was hit on Tuesday with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, two weeks after another powerful earthquake and exactly 32 years after the catastrophic 1985 earthquake.

Patients lie on their hospital beds after being evacuated following an earthquake in Mexico City, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017. Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
A woman reacts as people evacuate along Paseo del la Reforma Avenue.Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
Rescue workers and volunteers search a building that collapsed in downtown Mexico CityPhoto: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
A bulldozer removes debris from a partially collapsed building.Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
A boy with his face covered due to a gas leak holds a man's hand as people gather in Reforma Avenue.Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
A woman in a wheelchair is evacuated from a clinic as people gather along Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
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