Dec 6, 2017

Bannon rallies for Moore, Jones responds

Steve Bannon was in Alabama Tuesday night, campaigning for U.S. senate candidate Roy Moore and railing against the Republican establishment, Democrats, and "the opposition party" — the media.

Bannon on Jones: "This election's going to boil down to something very simple: Do you support the program of Donald J. Trump that Judge Moore supports, or do the good folks in Alabama support the program of Hillary Clinton - already rejected on November 8, 2016 - that Doug Jones represents?"

Bannon also went after Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam: "You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies."

What's next: The event came one week before the Senate special election. The RNC and many senior officials temporarily abandoned Moore over allegations of child sexual abuse, but President Trump has voiced support for him and the RNC followed suit. Trump is holding an event in Pensacola, Florida, on Friday, and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump recorded a robocall for Moore, inviting supporters to the rally, according to CBS.

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