Jan 23, 2017

Yahoo-Verizon: The merger that can't be killed

Markets are shrugging off a report in The Wall Street Journal that the SEC is investigating whether Yahoo should have disclosed the news of two separate hacks, which led to the theft of information associated with one billion user accounts.

These disclosures set off speculation that Verizon could pull out of its planned $4.8 billion buyout of the search giant, but investor reaction to the news suggests otherwise.

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Data: Money.net; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios

What's next: In order for Verizon to use this news as impetus to scuttle the merger, there would have to be evidence that it has materially affected Yahoo's popularity or financials, which there isn't.

Verizon may use the scandal to knock a few hundred million from the purchase price, but look for the deal to still go through, absent further revelations.

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