Jun 6, 2017

What Trump will be doing during the Comey testimony

Evan Vucci / AP

President Trump has scheduled a speech to religious conservatives for 12:30pm EST on Thursday, the AP reports. That means the speech is likely to fall during James Comey's highly-anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  • Flashback: This is part of the Trump playbook. He once held a televised fundraiser for veterans during a primary election debate he had boycotted.
  • Watch your Twitter feed: Comey's testimony will begin at 10am, and Trump will almost certainly be watching. Per the Washington Post's Robert Costa, he'll also be on Twitter: "I'm told by two WH sources that Pres. Trump... may live tweet if he feels the need to respond."
  • Why it matters: Comey is expected to confirm that Trump asked him to ease up on his investigation of Michael Flynn. Responding to his testimony in real time, and without consultation from aides or lawyers, is a risky move.
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