Jan 28, 2017

Trump's threat to the UN

In her first speech at the headquarters of the United Nations, the newly confirmed ambassador Nikki Haley made headlines Friday by saying she's "taking names" of countries that don't support the U.S.

Reality check: The U.S. has been taking names of such countries for a very long time. Congress wrote that into law more than 30 years ago. Check out last year's State Department report, which, per the law, "evaluates General Assembly and Security Council actions and the responsiveness of [foreign] governments to United States policy on issues of special importance to the United States."

Between the lines: Haley's threatening tone comes straight from the Trump playbook. She's signaling to the UN that this new administration will pay closer attention to disloyalty than the last one. When it would really matter and have serious consequences is with the UN budget (to which the U.S. is the largest single country contributor.)

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