Jul 2, 2017

Trump may visit U.K. this month

London's Sunday Times reports that — after reportedly putting off a state visit due to concerns over inevitable protests — President Trump may make a smaller-scale visit to the U.K. this month.

The Times reports, "It is understood that any visit would be confirmed only 24 hours in advance so anti-Trump protesters did not have time to disrupt his visit," with a U.K. government source saying:

"We expect him to go to his golf course [in Scotland]. We are aware he might want to see the prime minister. [The Americans] haven't requested that he comes and we haven't invited him, but we are aware it might happen."

Our thought bubble: A visit from the U.S. president is traditionally a chance for the British P.M. to emphasize Britain's stature on the world stage. But Theresa May has been severely weakened by a string of crises, and a visit from Trump, who is deeply unpopular in the U.K., is probably not at the top of her wish list.

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