Sep 2, 2017

Three rules to regulate AI development

A visitor looks at a robotic hand powered by Kinfinity Glove, developed by the German Aerospace Center, on display at the World Robot Conference at the Yichuang International Conference and Exhibition Centre in Beijing, Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017. AP/Andy Wong

Oren Etziono, CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, proposed three rules rules to regulate artificial intelligence development in a New York Times op-ed. As he writes, "the A.I. horse has left the barn, and our best bet is to attempt to steer it."

The rules:

  • "An A.I. system must be subject to the full gamut of laws that apply to its human operator."
  • "An A.I. system must clearly disclose that it is not human."
  • "An A.I. system cannot retain or disclose confidential information without explicit approval from the source of that information."
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