Apr 27, 2017

The net neutrality fight gets more complicated from here

Robin Groulx / Axios

The FCC will vote in May on whether to formally consider Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to dismantle the core of the Obama-era net neutrality rules.

Why it matters: This is a battle over how to regulate the infrastructure behind some of the greatest changes in how Americans consume information.

Fault lines: The large internet providers, like Comcast and AT&T, Republican lawmakers and conservative groups are with Pai. Liberal groups, some web companies and Hill Democrats have expressed reservations about Pai's approach, as has the only Democrat on the commission, Mignon Clyburn.

The bottom line: Stay tuned, this will go on for a while. The May vote will be the first of two required to make Pai's plan a reality, and in between the agency will be flooded with comments. After all that, the whole thing could always be the subject of a court battle.

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