Apr 9, 2017

The left's next Tea Party

Ezra Levin, executive director of the Indivisible Project, on MSNBC's "AM Joy"

Mark Saturday, April 15, as the next big moment for the progressive resistance against Trump.

A Democratic operative involved in the planning tells me a "who's-who of progressive power" will join a "Tax March" to demand Trump release his tax returns:

  • More than 60 groups will participate, including MoveOn.org, CREW, Communications Workers of America, American Federation of Teachers, Americans for Tax Fairness, Indivisible, the Sunlight Foundation, and Our Revolution (the group that spun off from Bernie Sanders' campaign.)
  • Organizers are planning more than 100 marches around the country. The Tax March in D.C. will begin with a rally outside the Capitol, before proceeding past the Trump International Hotel and the IRS building.

Why this matters: The Trump tax-returns issue won't matter unless people start publicly organizing around it. That organization may be starting. Also, the marches will highlight a progressive alternative to Republicans' waiting-for-lift-off tax reform plan. The operative says it's no coincidence the march will come exactly eight years after the April, 15, 2009, rally that was seen as the big kick off of the Tea Party.

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