Aug 10, 2017

Terry McAuliffe: "there's total dysfunction in Washington"

Edward Holub

NEW ORLEANS - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, both blamed Washington for a failure to find solutions to the nation's problems. Officials in Washington "can't come to agreement on anything," McAuliffe told Axios' Mike Allen at a U.S. Conference of Mayors discussion on "City & State Partnerships."

  • Getting things done "requires we drag our federal officials" along the way, Benjamin said.
  • Benjamin also said local officials need "a seat at the table" in Trump's opioid response, which they don't currently have.
  • McAuliffe blamed gerrymandering for leading to Washington hyperpartisanship.

Why it matters: "Almost 86% of people live in cities," McAuliffe said, and Benjamin said his constituents "don't have the luxury of me just getting frustrated."

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