Jun 21, 2017
Expert Voices

Teach kids how to use AI as a positive tool

Our Expert Voices conversation on artificial intelligence.

The great news about artificial intelligence is — unlike most industries where some countries have a fundamental advantage because of a natural resource — AI is a fair playing field. Every country can create value and benefit from it, and any country that's devoted to creating a generation of kids with the proper technology education will be able to join the field of artificial intelligence. It's also not a zero-sum game, there will be no winners and losers; the more countries that participate, the faster artificial intelligence will let us all move on to a higher quality of life.

This opportunity, however, comes with a major caveat. Artificial intelligence in the wrong hands can transition from being a tool to being a weapon. That's been true of every technology in the history of humanity.

Bottom line: Besides developing a generation of kids with the capacity to develop the great tools we need for artificial intelligence, we need to instill the right vision, motivation, and values to use AI as a tool to drive positive change and solve the world's challenges.

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