Aug 29, 2017

Survey: Most Americans disapprove of Trump's conduct

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

A new Pew Research survey finds that 58% of Americans dislike how Trump conducts himself. Breaking down who disapproves:

  • Gender: 53% of men vs. 62% of women dislike Trump's conduct
  • Education: 78% of those with postgraduate degrees vs. 53% of people with some college education or less
  • Ideology: 19% of Republicans vs. 89% of Democrats
  • Ethnicity: 51% of whites vs. 62% of blacks vs. 70% of Hispanics
  • Age: 62% of those under 50 vs. 48% of those 65 and older

One more thing: 58% of Americans have little or no confidence when it comes to making "wise decisions about the use of nuclear weapons."

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