Jul 14, 2017

Startup that attended White House tech week has ties to Kushner

Alex Brandon / AP

The Wall Street Journal notes that OpenGov, a startup that took part in a meeting between tech giants and the president last month, counts Joshua Kushner — the brother of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner — as an investor. Jared Kushner had a stake in the venture firm at one point.

Jesse Derris, a spokesman for Joshua Kushner's firm, told Axios that it "did not play any role in OpenGov's invitation, and was not aware of its participation in the meeting until after the fact." White House official Matt Lira says he was responsible for inviting the startup, and that he worked with the company before he joined the administration.

Our take: Questions about conflicts of interest come up under any administration. But those risks are amplified thanks to the criss-crossed business and family interests of some high-level Trump advisors.

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