Dec 1, 2017

Silicon Valley tries to bring in conservatives

Photo: Jeff Roberson / AP

Donations from major tech company employees to Hillary Clinton's campaign during last year's election far outweighed those to Donald Trump; Alphabet/Google employees donated over $1.5 million to Clinton, compared to just under $25,000 to Trump, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters: Companies are taking steps to open a dialogue and form a welcoming atmosphere for those with conservative ideologies. While Silicon Valley tech companies have focused on diversity with minorities and women, Aaron Ginn, president of the conservative-advocacy group for people in tech, the Lincoln Network, told the Journal that conservatives feel their beliefs could "hurt their reputation and job prospects." And companies like Facebook and Google are concerned "employee biases could...damage their reputations."

  • At Google, employees were "shocked" to see one another at a Republican election night party, and "agreed not to acknowledge one another at work afterward for fear that their support for Mr. Trump might be revealed," WSJ reports.
  • Veterans at Pinterest downplay their military background out of concerns "that colleagues will assume they are conservative."
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