Mar 29, 2017

Senate Intel has approached 20 for questioning in Russia probe

Susan Walsh / AP

Senate Intel Committee Chair Richard Burr and Ranking Member Mark Warner said at a press conference on Wednesday that the committee is "within weeks" of completing its review of Russian election meddling, with the first public hearing coming Thursday.

The committee has hired seven staffers to analyze documents and scheduled five interviews, with 15 more to be scheduled (Kushner and Manafort are on the list, and they've spoken to Flynn).

Burr said the White House hasn't blocked Sally Yates from participating. He wouldn't rule out WH coordination with Russia, saying it would be "crazy to draw conclusions" at this stage.

The air in the room: Burr and Warner wanted to build confidence that a fair investigation will take place — notable given the polarizing House proceedings under Devin Nunes. Burr pledged to "go wherever the intelligence leads us."

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