Jun 20, 2017

Sean Spicer is back on TV

Evan Vucci / AP

News outlets have published stories over the past 24 hours about the Trump administration's lack of transparency — and avoidance of the scrutiny that comes with televised press briefings. Now an updated White House schedule says Sean Spicer will do an "on camera" briefing at 1:30pm ET. That's the jargon term for a briefing you can watch on TV.

  • Trump has directed his communications team to stop doing daily televised press briefings, which are traditional in recent White House history.
  • The White House didn't allow news outlets to use either audio or video of Monday's briefing, which resulted in CNN's Jim Acosta expressing outrage live on air.
  • News outlets reported yesterday that Spicer would likely be playing a more behind-the-scenes role as a communications strategist rather than as the administration's TV face.
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