Mar 8, 2017

Scott Belsky joins Cheddar board

Scott Belsky is quietly joining the board of Cheddar, the millennial-focused online broadcast news platform led by former Buzzfeed president Jon Steinberg. Belsky is the founder of Behance (acquired by Adobe) who last fall stepped down as a general partner with VC firm Benchmark, just seven months after taking the job.

Belsky remains a venture partner with Benchmark, and is spending much of his time as executive chairman of a stealthy New York-based Benchmark portfolio company.

The Cheddar role is independent from Benchmark, with Belsky telling Axios that he is fascinated by the eyeball battle between user-generated and professionally-produced live video content (i.e., Periscope types vs. Cheddar types), and that he believes he can help Cheddar on the product side. "Where does UGC live and more professional live content meet in the middle? Does one side win?"

He adds that while Cheddar is initially focusing on financial markets content, he expects it to eventually broaden its topic horizons.

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