Sep 29, 2017

Private equity's woman problem

Women comprise less than 18% of all employees in the private equity industry, and just 9% of senior private equity executives, according to industry research firm Preqin. It's the most skewed gender imbalance within the alternative asset space, although not by too much.

Data: Preqin; Note: Data from September 2017; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios

More data:

  • Half of all female private equity employees are in either marketing or investor relations. Another 37% are in accounting or financial roles. Only 14% are investors.
  • The "senior executive" percentage for PE women is 9.5% in North America, and 11.2% in Asia.
  • Women comprise 11% of senior leadership in venture capital. That's higher than the 7% figure Axios previously reported, but that's likely due to different methodology. Namely, we only looked at U.S.-based funds, and didn't include non-investing positions
  • Note: This is only preview data, as Preqin will be releasing a much more detailed report on October 11.
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