Feb 16, 2017

Plouffe fined for illegal Uber lobbying in Chicago

David Plouffe, an Uber board member and former executive, has been fined $90,000 by the Chicago Board of Ethics for illegally lobbying Mayor Rahm Emanuel, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The board voted 5-0 in funding that the former Obama campaign manager violated the law when he did not register as a lobbyist after talking to the mayor about helping Uber with airport regulations.

The communication was revealed in December when Emmanuel, under pressure from two lawsuits over open records, released emails from his personal account.

Why it matters: Uber has long been criticized for its approach to regulations, often flouting rules and aggressively pushing its agenda.

Update: "We work hard to ensure our registrations are accurate and up to date. We regret that in this instance we made a mistake and we will comply with the board's assessment," Uber responds

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