Oct 1, 2017

One in five reporters lives in NY, DC or LA

Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation

Bob Schieffer, the longtime CBS News correspondent, appeared on "Face the Nation" Sunday to discuss his new book, titled "Overload." The interview included a striking fact about how news has changed in the digital age:

"In 2004, one out of every eight reporters lived in NY, DC or LA. Today, it's one in five."

Why it matters: As Schieffer points out, much of the country isn't getting any local news they can trust and as a result is turning to Facebook and other sources for information.

"We've never been through anything like this probably since the invention of the printing press. You know we talk about the invention of the printing press — how it improved literacy, it caused the reformation, the counter-reformation — but there was also 30 years of religious wars that followed the printing press and it took about three decades for the world to reach equilibrium. We're at the very beginning of what's going on now in this digital age that's taken the place of print. It's affected nothing more than the way we get the news."

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