Apr 11, 2017

Obama vs. Trump: How international headlines described their first meetings with world leaders

Bubba Atkinson / Axios

As Trump continues meeting with foreign leaders and making first impressions on our global allies, here's a look back at the international response from Obama and Trump's first meetings with foreign policy leaders, as told through newspaper headlines:

London's The Telegraph:

March 2009, "Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown"

Jan. 2017, "Hand in hand, the happy couple"

Canada's Toronto Star:

Feb. 2009, "White House gushing about Obama's Canada visit"

Feb. 2017, "No hugs - Just handshakes"

Israel's Haaretz:

May 2009, "Obama Is Dividing Jerusalem"

Feb. 2017, "Trump-Netanyahu Meeting: Ignorance, Contradictions and Empty Talk of a Deal"

Japan's Japan Times:

Feb. 2013, "Abe to meet Obama with hands tied"

Feb. 2017, "Trump card: Japan casts a wary eye on future with new U.S. president"

Germany's Die Welt

June 2009, "Barack Obama praises his 'girlfriend' Angela Merkel"

March 2017, "'Uncomfortable encounter' and 'Hidden scolding'"

Ireland's The Irish Times:

March 2009, "Cowen optimistic in seeking new longer visa between Ireland, US"

March 2017, "Media goes wild for Trump, but the feeling is not mutual"

China's China Daily:

Nov. 2009, "Many good tidings from Obama's visit"

April 2017, "Xi: Differences will be handled constructively"

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