Nov 27, 2017

Mulvaney aide: CFPB transition "could not have been smoother"

Mick Mulvaney's top communications aide, John Czwartacki, tells Axios Mulvaney's installation as Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau "could not have been smoother," and he has not seen Leandra English — the rival appointee for the position — all morning. Czwartacki has been photographically documenting the morning on Twitter.

Elizabeth Warren says she will be meeting with English, who was outgoing director Richard Cordray's chosen successor, on Capitol Hill today. Mulvaney was Trump's pick, and English has filed suit claiming the position is legally hers. The CFPB's general counsel has said her opinion is that Trump has the right to fill the role.

Czwartacki confirmed that Mulvaney and English had issued clashing emailed memos to staff. He said Mulvaney was greeted at the front door by a member of the CFPB senior leadership, and that "it could not have been a smoother transition."

"I've not seen her," he said of English. "I've not seen anyone act as her proxy. I've only had cordial interactions with the staff so far.""All of the staff we have seen are treating Mick, appropriately, as the Acting Director. They've treated him with respect and complete constructive engagement."

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