Mar 15, 2017

Mark Cuban on businessman Trump: "I thought he was an idiot"

At the debut of Axios Events, Shark Tank's Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on a few hot topics with Mike Allen:

  • Whether he'll run in 2020: "I don't have an aspiration to be a government politician." But when asked if he was "clearly thinking about it," Cuban enthusiastically replied, "yea" and added, "there's no rush."
  • What he thought of Trump as a business man: "I thought he was an idiot."
  • Replying to Trump tweets: "I like to tweak the shit out of him that's all...I went through 5 different things and I finally settled on LOL which I thought was brief and to the point."
  • Cuban thinks healthcare should be a right: "I think healthcare should be a right...If there was a legitimate way to modify the constitution."
  • Automation: "We're going through the process where automation will automate automation." Cuban added that in 10 years, a philosophy degree will be more useful than degrees in accounting or law. If you're in software, he said, "you're probably gonna need to start looking for a job."
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