Jul 11, 2017

Kabam co-founders return with esports startup

The co-founders of mobile gaming company Kabam, including former CEO Kevin Chou, have launched a new company that will both own and manage Korean esports teams. It's called KSV eSports, and so far is being bootstrapped by the company's founding team in Korea and Silicon Valley.

  • History: Kabam was an early tech "unicorn," being valued at over $1 billion in mid-2014. It ultimately sold most of its assets late last year for around $800 million, after a history that included three "near death" experiences. Its games included the popular Marvel: Contest of Champions
  • Mission statement, from KSV website: "KSV is an eSports collaboration between Silicon Valley and Seoul, combining the skills and dedication of the Korean eSports culture backed by the investment and global reach of California's Silicon Valley. We take pride in our vision of creating and guiding homegrown Korean eSports teams into champions on the international stage."
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