Dec 1, 2017

House to vote on bill threatening Palestinian Authority funding

A worker hangs Israeli and American flags on a lamppost along a freeway leading to Jerusalem, days before a planned visit by President Donald Trump in May. Photo: Ariel Schalit / AP

Two sources with direct knowledge tell me there'll be a full House vote on Tuesday for the Taylor Force Act. It's a big deal, and has been aggressively pushed by conservative supporters of Israel.Background: The Taylor Force Act was re-introduced in 2017 by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker to restrict U.S. funding for the Palestinian Authority unless they stop paying terrorists and the families of dead terrorists who attack Americans and Israelis.Why it matters: This legislation sets up next week as a strong pro-Israel week for the administration and Republicans on Capitol Hill, but it's a week that is likely to make the peace process with Palestinians even harder. On Wednesday, Trump is scheduled to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The White House also hosts its Hanukkah party next week. The Zionist Organization of America told Axios it "reluctantly supports the present version of the Taylor Force Act even though it's been considerably weakened from its original version."

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