Mar 28, 2017

Hot in Silicon Valley: Uber's woes

After a bad start of the weekend with crash in Tempe, Ariz. on Friday night, Uber put its self-driving cars back on the road on Monday. Local police determined Uber's self-driving car (which was in autonomous mode) was obeying the law and the other driver was at fault for the crash. Still, the accident was ill-timed—Uber's self-driving car division is in a "mini civil war," according to Recode, and it's still working to fight off an IP theft lawsuit from Alphabet's self-driving car unit.

Meanwhile: Didi Chuxing, China's ride-hailing giant (which acquired Uber's Chinese business last year), is said to be considering a $6 billion investment from SoftBank, according to Bloomberg. Didi is somewhat of a "frenemy" of Uber—the companies are financially intertwined since the merger, but Didi's global aspirations mean it will face off with Uber soon enough. And it has already begun to poach some of Uber's brightest minds, like Charlie Miller, a well-known car hacker who recently jumped ship to join Didi's new Silicon Valley research center. An additional $6 billion for Didi can't be good news to Uber.

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