Mar 20, 2017

Hot in Silicon Valley: Uber loses more execs

Uber's executive exodus continues: Jeff Jones, the former Target CMO who joined Uber six months ago as its president of ride-sharing, has left the company. His abrupt departure and public statement about Uber's values at a time when the company is searching for a COO raises even more questions about the future of Uber's leadership. Meanwhile, Uber's head of mapping, former Googler Brian McClendon, is also leaving, according to the New York Times. He's leaving on amicable terms and will pursue politics in Kansas, where he grew up.

Techmeme's influence in Silicon Valley: In a profile of founder Gabe Rivera, BuzzFeed looks at the news aggregator's enduring influence on Silicon Valley's news consumption. It's the go-to source for top tech execs like the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and the tech press regularly reads it.

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