Mar 7, 2017

Hot in Silicon Valley: Twitter's new gaming competitor

Twitch debuts a social network called Pulse: Twitch, the Amazon-owned video broadcasting service for gaming, is introducing a feed for users to share videos, images, text, GIFs, and other content to their followers—much like Twitter and Facebook. As The Verge argues, Pulse could turn out to be a better version of Twitter than Twitter itself. Twitch has a passionate base of users who share common interests (video games), but with the service expanding into other verticals, Pulse could very well turn out to be a valuable social network.

Nintendo's Switch broke launch sales records: Nintendo's new gaming device beat first two-day sales in the Americas for any of the company's systems in history, it told the New York Times. The next biggest hit was the Wii. Zelda for the Switch was the best selling standalone launch game—even beating Super Mario for the Nintendo 64 console.

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