Feb 27, 2017

Hot in Silicon Valley: streamers win big at Oscars

Netflix and Amazon get Oscars: The streaming services nabbed Oscar wins on Sunday. Amazon scored two awards with Manchester by the Sea, and one for The Salesman, an Iranian movie it's distributing in the U.S. The White Helmets, which Netflix produced and distributed, also won an award. Their Oscar wins could mean we'll soon see growing investment from the companies into the silver screen as well.

Voice-activated assistants are going big: This weekend, Motorola and Amazon announced a partnership to eventually integrate the latter's digital assistant, Alexa, into most Motorola devices. Meanwhile, Google announced that its assistant, Google Assistant, will be available to the "hundreds of millions" of Android phones running the two latest versions of its software, Marshmallow and Nougat. Previously it was only available through the Google Pixel, Google Home, Allo, and Android Wear.

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