Jan 27, 2017 - Energy & Environment

Hot in Silicon Valley: LinkedIn's financial numbers

LInkedIn reveals first financial results as part of Microsoft

And it's not too shabby: It generated $228 million in revenue this quarter, and a net income loss of $100 million.

What it means: Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn closed in December, so the latter didn't even contribute a full quarter's financials. For context, LinkedIn generated $960 million in revenue the previous quarter. Now as part of Microsoft, it won't publish updated member numbers, but it will still have to show it's growing its revenue and getting users to spend more and more time on the service.

Tesla sues a former employee

The electric car company has filed a lawsuit against Sterling Anderson, a former director of Autopilot programs, for allegedly trying to poach employees for his own startup and taking confidential information, according to TechCrunch.

Why now? Self-driving technology is one of the hottest areas in the industry right now, so it's no wonder that that there's fierce competition among companies.

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