May 4, 2017

Here's how conservatives are criticizing Kimmel's monologue

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Jimmy Kimmel finds himself at the center of attacks from conservatives for using an emotional story to make a political statement.

Matt Lewis, The Daily Beast: "Still, emotion trumps logic, and based on the hate email I have received, his monologue was highly effective."

Cheryl Chumley, The Washington Times: "The left has an uncomfortable habit of slinging around tears to get what it wants."

Michelle Malkin, National Review: "The Tinseltown celebrity turned his personal plight into a political weapon, which his liberal friends were all too happy to wield."

Former Congressman Joe Walsh: "Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn't obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else's health care."

Charles Hurt, The Washington Times: "Here was this moment highlighting the preciousness of life, the heroism of nurses, the unmatched expertise of surgeons and the magical power of family. And what is the point of it all for Jimmy Kimmel? Politics."

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