Nov 5, 2017

Graham says Trump is wrong to pressure Justice Dept. on Clinton

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized President Trump for pressuring the Justice Department to go after Hillary Clinton, and the Trump administration for being "woefully unprepared" to handle terror suspects in an appearance on "Fox News Sunday." Asked why it was wrong for Trump to push for Clinton to be prosecuted, Graham said, "That's not the way we do it in America."

"It's not his job to be telling the attorney general to prosecute a particular individual or group... We have a rule of law that is independent of political influence and when you call on the attorney general to prosecute your former opponent, that is crossing the line."

But, but, but: Graham called for special prosecutors to investigate Democratic funding for the research that led to the Trump/Russia dossier, and the Uranium One deal that was struck while Clinton was Secretary of State.

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