Jan 25, 2017

Facebook snags Snapchat Story feature

JD Lasica / Flickr CC

Facebook is taking a cue from Snapchat by adding a 24-hour set of stories on its mobile app with nearly identical functions to Snapchat Stories. Just like Snapchat, the so-called "Facebook Stories" will also have features to tack on top of photos.

Jet-setting: It all started in Poland where Facebook tested the product in September, then called "Messenger Day," in its Messenger app, according to TechCrunch. Now users in Ireland can test it on iOS and Android, per Business Insider. Although the photos won't be in the News Feed, they will be at the top of the mobile app for friends to observe.

Why this matters: Facebook is working to block out Snapchat from the market after it tried to buy Snapchat in 2013 and failed. And this is not the first time Facebook has tried to borrow from Snapchat's game. Zuckerberg's company…

  • Launched disappearing messages with the Poke app in 2012
  • Made a similar attempt with the Slingshot app in 2014
  • Bought Instagram in 2012, which launched private picture messages in 2013 through Instagram Direct and then made its own Instagram Stories in 2016 — which has already met Snapchat's daily user base of 150 million
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