Dec 2, 2017

Doug Jones edges ahead of Roy Moore in latest poll

Photo: Brynn Anderson / AP

The issue of moral conduct is weighing heavily on Alabama voters, according to a new Washington Post poll.

By the numbers: Currently, Doug Jones has a narrow lead on Roy Moore, with 50% of the vote compared to Moore's 47%. In line with that, 53% of voters believe Jones has "higher standards of personal moral conduct," compared to one-third of voters who believe the same about Moore.

Why it matters: If Jones wins the Senate seat in less than two weeks, the GOP will have only a 51-49 hold on the chamber, per WashPost. And, the sexual harassment allegations against Moore have caused a split in the Republican party, with many establishment lawmakers calling for him to step aside, while the President and Alabama's Republican Party disagree.

  • Voters are split on if they believe the allegations, with 35% believe them, 37% saying they are unsure. and 28% saying they are untrue.
  • Voters are split on the issue of abortion, with 47% trusting Moore to handle it well, compared to 46% trusting Jones.
  • 78% of white evangelical protestants support Moore, but the majority of "other white Christians" support Jones.
  • More voters trust Jones to handle health care and gay and transgender rights than they do Moore.
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